Male Orgasm Denial

Male Orgasm Denial

Orgasm Denial, also known as sexual denial, is a sexual practice of BDSM. Keeping a male on the verge of having an orgasm is part of the power exchange between a dominant female and a submissive male.

Depending on the rules set by the Mistress, the submissive male may either be allowed to ejaculate at the end (which usually results in a much more powerful orgasm than usual), or intentionally denied  having an orgasm, which in result will cause intense sexual frustration.

Males are primitive creatures in essence. When you control a male’s sexuality you control the male. Period. The whole world is running by this principle and there are endless cases well known along history that will prove my point, from Samson and Delilah to Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinsky.

Taken into the context of Femdom, this is probably the most efficient tool that a dominant female posses, simply because men are so much easier to control and dominate if their orgasms is denied by a seductive powerful lady.

From the male’s perspective this may sound odd but it makes the whole Female Domination lifestyle much more pleasurable if he is sexually frustrated. It is a well known fact, both to men and women, that once a male climaxes, his enthusiasm to worship the female is greatly diminished.

To ensure that a male is really denied of any orgasms the dominant female may force the male to wear a chastity device 24/7. Chastity devices act as locks that prevent a male from touching his penis. The key to the device is usually well kept by the Mistress.

The male orgasm denial is really about the power exchange of being denied while being forced to pleasure the superior female as often as she demands. In way this is an evolution of teasing and denial – which can be part of any vanilla relationship regardless of female domination. Most women know how to leverage their sexual benefits to ‘get things their way’. Male Orgasm Denial is no different.

My Top Orgasm Denial Picks

Rob & Jill
Simply unbelievable – you have got to see this. The website is really a videotaped blog and I would almost rank it as documentary. The website is operated by a married couple (Rob & Jill, you guessed right), living the lifestyle of orgasm denial to its fullest. Jill, a mature elegant sexy lady, dominates Rob in real life by denying his orgasms and teasing him to death, right in front of the camera while talking to YOU, the viewer. Occasionally (usually once a month if Rob has been a good boy) Jill will grant him an orgasm, on her terms of course. Hundreds of quality handjob videos, fucking machines and much much more, all in a very personal and documentary manner. A must see and a true bargain for its price!
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Rob and Jill Male Orgasm Denial

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