My Wife’s Leather Gloves Fetish – Part 1

Leather Gloves Fetish

By Anonymous

Part 1

I sat naked at my computer. My stomach was a little upset due to the excitement generated by the sight of my wife wearing the long black kid leather gloves. I took a deep breath and tried to gain my composure. Just then my wife entered my room and I couldn’t help noticing she was now wearing her “honey-do” gloves. She instructed me to lean back in my chair which caused my hard on to extend forward. She moved behind the chair reached over and began lightly rubbing the underside of my cock. She then began to speak. “Honey, it seems like your really enjoying this and I’d like it to continue, but I need to be sure that you want me to keep going.” I took a deep breath and expressed to her that this was all so unexpected and overwhelming that I wasn’t ready. Of course I told her I wanted to continue, hell, I had just seen her in those gloves and all I could think of was wanting to see more. My wife said “great” and walked around and sat on the bed.

My wife is not a “10” but she is petite and pretty. This coupled with her very sensual/sexual sometimes-aggressive nature makes her irresistible to me. She is constantly pursued and flirted with by other men. Now, even though she was wearing just jeans and a T-shirt, she looked extremely sexy to me. Add the gloves and it puts her over the top.

My wife then said, “Do you really like it when I humiliate you like this? I mean, up until now I really have been kind of hiding this stuff from you. I think I could really overwhelm you if I wanted to.” I started to become a little emotional with all the sexual stimulus but managed to reply. “I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you this but yes, it does excite me.” “You don’t need to be embarrassed, I think I know what you like after being married all this time. You know if you shared your real fantasies with me I could try to make them come true” she replied. I replied “I guess I was afraid you would really take advantage of me if I shared this with you”. My wife laughed out load and said, “Afraid I would take advantage of you, I’ve been openly dating a guy outside our marriage and using my glove collection on him when we have sex, what did you think I was doing?”

A tear then rolled down my cheek. My wife saw this that told me to lie next to her on the bed. When I did she hugged me, and as I sniffled she rubbed and teased my cock with her glove. She said “it’s only going to get better from here on out don’t you think?” I told her I thought so. She then smiled and started questioning me about my fantasies. She said she knew that my fantasies would directly involve me and asked that I just be honest and open. She promised she wouldn’t laugh or think it was weird. She assured me that Jason had some unusual requests and she gladly obliged him. I agreed to tell her and began to share things I never thought possible.

I told her when I fantasized about her I normally pictured her with Jason. I think this kind of surprised her. I told her I dreamed of her happily rubbing Jason’s cock with gloves that up until now I could only imagine. My wife was now vigorously pulling and twisting my foreskin with her glove, which I loved, that made the words slide out even easier. I continued that I became most excited when I pictured her cheating on me while wearing her gloves and that her seemingly total lack of concern for me while cheating could not have excited me more. She broke in with, “I didn’t realize I was doing that to you by just kind of ignoring you but I’m sure glad I did.” At that I just kept going. I told her that I dreamed of watching her pump Jason’s shaft with her gloves while I stood frozen, waiting as if to assist her in some way. I would be in the room with them but hardly involved unless needed. My wife then jumped up on her elbow, clearly invigorated. She smiled and said, “That’s great honey, that’s kind of like one of my fantasies too. I’ve often thought that it would be great to have someone hold up my legs while Jason and I make love, kind of like a sexual assistant.” At that my toes curled and my cock exploded shooting jets of sperm all over my stomach and neck, it even hit the pillow next to my head. My wife continued to rub me and exclaimed “Oh honey you must have really liked that idea you’ve never cum like that before. I knew as the orgasm passed I was in real trouble and may not be able to recover.

My wife got off the bed and got me a towel. As I wiped up the mess she said, “Hold off on your writing assignment and wait here for now so I can think about what we just talked about” and she left the room still wearing her gloves. I knew what she really meant was she needed to talk with Jason because she just struck a nerve.

About 30 minutes passed. All I could think about was the events that just took place. I now had another raging hard on when my wife came back into the room. She was still wearing her gloves. “Honey, I think you’re really going to like this. Tonight I want you to be my sexual assistant while I cheat on you. In exchange for your cooperation you’ll be with me as I dress for my date, and help me with my boots and gloves! Not only that but like in your fantasy you’ll get to watch me have sex with Jason. When I need you to, you can help me walk on my heels, tighten my gloves, and yes even hold the ankles of my boots while I make love to Jason. Well, what do you think?” I stammered for a moment not knowing what to say. My humiliation was now at a new all time low. My wife then said, “You know honey, this is my first time doing this as well. I was thinking of having Jason wear a hood so he can’t see what’s going on, would that make you more comfortable?” Without thinking I said it would. “Great, Jason will be hear in an hour or so, come on I’ve got a lot to show my new assistant.

The wooden wardrobe loomed like a dark castle in a fairy tale. My wife produced the keys and opened it just as she had a thousand other times with her boyfriend. I just stood there naked with my hard on sticking straight out. She took my hand and moved me in front so I could look right in. I was speechless. The smell of leather was overwhelming. I could see a beautiful full-length black leather coat, a short black leather jacket, what looked to be a black leather bustier, and on the bottom shelves about 10 boxes of different sizes. My wife said, “OK do you want to start with the gloves?” I stammered back with a yes. “Well you’ve seen these already” pulling one of the white boxes out and setting it on the bed. “I also have these” she reached in and pulled a smaller box out and opened it. In the box was gorgeous pair of elbow length black kid leather gloves. “These are 8 button length, and they’re only a couple weeks old”. From that point on she hammered me. She showed 8 button length white kid gloves, 4 button length red kid gloves, and 6 button length grey kid gloves. She also showed me several pairs of boots. One pair was ankle boots with a very severe spiked heel. She said she could barely walk in them. Another pair of knee boots had a high heel that was wide from the back and skinny from the side. She said she frequently wore these out because they were fairly comfortable for such high heels and Jason loved the way they looked. She assured me that all of the items in the wardrobe had been used exclusively to encourage sexual relations with her boyfriend and that each and every item had been used to bring him off on multiple occasions. She then recounted her first time using the 8-button length black kid gloves on Jason. “He was on all fours and I reached between his legs from behind and pumped his shaft until he came buckets of cum. Well, lets get me ready.”

She suddenly became monotone and began to take control. She told me to remove her gloves and held out her long nailed hands. I carefully removed the gloves and neatly set them on the night stand. She then told me to unbutton her pants and pulled them down. I did so and she stepped out of them. I helped her to remove her shirt and bra and she was now standing naked in front of me. She told me where her stockings were stored and I rolled them up and put them on her. She said she was impressed that I could do that and told me to get her boots. I opened the box and pulled the right boot out, removed the cardboard insert, unzipped it and placed it on my wife’s leg. I repeated this with the other boot and then retrieved her black silk blouse. I helper get it on and buttoned the front. I swallowed hard and looked at my wife. She gazed into my eyes and said, “It’s OK honey, you can do it”. I opened the white box and removed the 16 button length black kid gloves from the box. I held up the left one and slid it over her arm. She briefly took over and smoothed the beautiful glove out. She then took her right hand and slipped her long nails between her kid-gloved fingers and stretched the leather over her long nails. Watching this made me so excited my stomach hurt. I swallowed deeply. My wife reached out with her ungloved hand and began a vigorous teasing session that lasted about 30 seconds. I was right at the brink of cumming on 2 occasions, after all my wife was standing in front of me wearing a glove and I was carefully holding the other. Before I climaxed she instinctively backed off to make sure her torture did not end prematurely. She then held up her right hand and I slipped the other glove over her arm. She went through the smoothing and stretching process again. She then held her gloved hands out in front of me and said, “honey, aren’t they beautiful”? I of course answered with a resounding “yes”.

It was quiet for a moment as I gazed at how her long nails gently stretched the gloves. As my head swirled her gloves dropped. It was the doorbell.

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