Forced Feminization


Forced Feminization, or in short Forced Fem, is a common Femdom practice where the submissive male is forced to act as a female. This usually means being dressed in female clothing and adopt a feminine behavior such as walking, sitting or talking in a feminine manner.

Forced feminization often relates to traditional female roles such as a French maid, school girl, secretary and the like. The submissive male is dressed accordingly and is forced to behave in a suitable manner.

The female attire usually include wearing high heels, lady’s underwear, corsets or dresses along with make up, jewelry and collars.

The dominant female may apply corporal punishment such as over-the-knee-spanking, canning and force the submissive male into oral sex or anal penetration. The Domme may also provide the submissive male with a girly name and use explicit female insults such as ’slut’, ‘whore’, ‘bitch’ and the like. The male body parts may also beĀ  ‘replaced’ with females organs, for example the penis is called clit, nipples are called breasts, etc.

Forced feminization may not be a preferred Femdom practice by many submissive males due to their unwillingness to accept their lack of manhood, however, to the Female Dominant forced feminization provides an excellent tool for humiliation and higher forms of submission.

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