Facesitting, Smothering, Queening

Facesitting Smothering Queening

Facesitting, also known as Smothering or Queening is a very common practice in the female domination realm, where the Domme sits on the sub’s face, normally enabling oral stimulation to the Domme’s vagina or anus.

Facesitting is very erotic in essence and may be practiced by non-BDSM (vanilla) couples for sexual pleasure. However, when applied in the context of female domination it symbolizes the Mistress superiority over the sub.

There is a slight difference between facesitting to smothering or queening, which is associated with the deprivation of air, yet in the BDSM world these terms are often regarded as one. The submissive is typically restrained from movement, using light to heavy bondage, being held by another person or simply crushed by the Domme’s weight.

The darkness sensation and body weight mixed with female odors, wetness  and slow erotic movements create a strong sense of adoration by the submissive male. To intensify the facesitting sensation the Mistress may inflict pain while smothering or queening her sub, such as nipple twisting, body scratching, cock & ball torture, flogging and other activities which will increase the sub’s gasp for air and deepen the sexual experience.

There are unique devices made specifically for smothering/queening, such as the smothering box or the queening stool. These devices fits around the submissive head with two holes, one for the neck and the other for the mouth. The Domme will use these devices as a chair where the submissive is lied beneath her, unable to move. It is considered a very efficient way to restrain the sub from moving while providing higher comfort to Domme. These devices are not to be confused with human toilet devices, where although similar in concept, they differ in the distance between the sub’s face to the Mistress’s seat.

Facesitting is typically used by the Domme as a mean of rewarding the sub for good behavior rather than a form of punishment, although it may also be perceived as a form of humiliation.

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