Domestic Discipline


To most submissive males, Domestic Discipline is the holy grail of loving Femdom relationship. Living in a household where rules are clearly defined by a superior female authority (the dominant wife) is the core of the Femdom lifestyle and a source of inspiration for most Femdom couples.

In a loving Femdom relationship, domestic discipline stands for hierarchic order within a family using disciplinary acts and punitive measures to enforce the dominant wife’s authority over the submissive male husband. This lifestyle is very real, where couples are making a conscious decision to incorporate discipline and authority into their day to day life.

The boundaries are clearly laid and actions have consequences. Those boundaries are typically enforced by the dominant wife on a 24/7 basis. In some cases, a stern look is all it takes to put the submissive male husband back in line, but occasionally losing a privilege or exercising physical punishment is far more effective in making a point.

Domestic discipline is a recipe for true happiness to both parties. It enables a loving and nurturing relationship usually far greater than in most modern households, since there is no power struggle between the genders. The submissive husband simply accepts the dominant wife’s role as mentor, protector and disciplinarian. The wife has the last word, period. The husband is willing to accept absolute control over his life, financially, sexually and socially, because he understands that this disciplinary arrangement is driven by the love of his dominant wife and that she will only correct his ways for his own benefit.

There is a very intriguing aspect to this lifestyle, that is how to act in public, such as how to behave in front of the kids, family dinners, or going out with friends. Some couples are totally open about their lifestyle, while others maintain a secretive way of life which they only practice behind closed doors, but it is always very clear who makes the final decision.

The intensity of domestic discipline is so immense that there are truly endless possibilities to this lifestyle. Rome was not built in a day, and so are Femdom relationships. Domestic discipline sets the perfect stage to grow such relationship overtime, where the wife gradually embraces her dominant role and the submissive husband learns to treat his wife as the Goddess she is. It is really all about love, mutual respect and the freedom to make your own choices in life.

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